I am a “Settler”. The first time I heard this concept of a “Settler”  was in class today when we had the privilege of listening to Dr. Shaueen Pete speak.  Thinking about my history, I rolled the word around in my head for a while and tried it on as a new piece of my identity. The idea felt awkward and new; this is a term I have little understanding of. Wondering what I should be feeling; unsure of what I was feeling other than a sense of sadness when I listened to Shauneen speak. The history she shared, her history, was filled with emotion, with frustration. The stories she shared; her truth was insightful and engaging.  Decolonization. Decolonization. Reconciliation. A truth so simple. Keep telling the history Shauneen said, keep talking about it, share it.  And, I will. I will read more. I will learn more. I am a “Settler” and I will talk about it.


First Nations Education Steering Committee

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