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Ethical Dilemmas

Image from Pixabay One of my big passion areas is ethics and the ethical dilemmas we continuously face both as educators and citizens living in todays ubiquitous age of technology.  So, when scanning through some of the readings for the… Continue Reading →

Awesome Things

  Image by Pexels from Pixabay This week’s post will be short, for now.  After spending some time considering what to write about, I have decided to include some awesome things from this week,  as many weeks in my present… Continue Reading →

“Not Yet”

  Image by S K from Pixabay “Imagine, Create, Play, Share, Reflect and back to Imagine”, the kindergarten approach for learning discussed in Resnick’s (2007) paper is applicable not only to the students we teach but to teachers themselves, especially… Continue Reading →

Mindful Designs, Wicked Problems, Data and Digital Stories

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay The initial shock and panic of the last few weeks has now settled into new routines of living; my new normal.  Within this new normal are the constant streams of COVID 19 data fed… Continue Reading →

The Internet: Helping or Hurting?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay I wake up and roll over, determined to sleep further and then wonder if things have suddenly improved overnight. Pulling myself out of bed, I grasp my phone, quickly flipping it over to see… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Digital Literacy

  Image by Krzysztof_War from Pixabay What changes can occur in just a few short days. I’m sure that for most of us, our visions of how the week would unfold, were different than the reality that emerged.  For me,… Continue Reading →


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay As an English teacher, I am passionate about story telling and include stories and story telling within the classes I teach.  When it comes to digital storytelling, I have used a variety of different tools… Continue Reading →

Say What? Yes, it’s another reflection!

For this weeks blog, I wanted to just spend a few minutes reflecting on the whirlwind that has been this master’s program so far. I felt that spending a little time going back over some of my previous ideas and blog posts would help to clarify… Continue Reading →

Grade Free!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash Ready, and START!  I would like to be grade free by 2022! Perhaps this is lofty and unrealistic; but, I think it’s worth a shot! Can I accomplish this in all of my courses?… Continue Reading →

Ed Camp

Ed Camp This week our class was run as an EdCamp. What is an ED Camp? According to wikipedia, “An edcamp is a participant-driven conference – commonly referred to as an “unconference”. Edcamps are designed to provide participant-driven professional development… Continue Reading →

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