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Resources for Assessment

a photo of shelves and stacks of books Resources for Assessment As part of our project, we created a series of resources that we felt would aid teachers in planning their online assessments.  These resources were created through experience and are supported by academic research. The created resources are current (created July 2020), relevant (addresses assessment Read more about Resources for Assessment[…]

Academic Review of Assessment Strategies

Photo of an open book    As part of our project, we completed research and created an academic review to provide support for the tools and strategies listed within our blog pages. The academic review, posted below, shows the importance of thoughtful and well-planned assessment, particularly within an online environment. To read the condensed, summarized Read more about Academic Review of Assessment Strategies[…]

Unlocking Assessment: the rationale 

Photo of a keyboard with a key placed on top   As educators, assessment is a large part of our job and there are a vast number of tools and pedagogies available. Therefore, as a group we chose to look at the specific aspects of assessment and online assessment tools for the current time we are in, during the COVID-19 Read more about Unlocking Assessment: the rationale […]