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Ethical Dilemmas

Image from Pixabay One of my big passion areas is ethics and the ethical dilemmas we continuously face both as educators and citizens living in todays ubiquitous age of technology.  So, when scanning through some of the readings for the… Continue Reading →

Awesome Things

  Image by Pexels from Pixabay This week’s post will be short, for now.  After spending some time considering what to write about, I have decided to include some awesome things from this week,  as many weeks in my present… Continue Reading →

“Not Yet”

  Image by S K from Pixabay “Imagine, Create, Play, Share, Reflect and back to Imagine”, the kindergarten approach for learning discussed in Resnick’s (2007) paper is applicable not only to the students we teach but to teachers themselves, especially… Continue Reading →

Ed Camp

Ed Camp This week our class was run as an EdCamp. What is an ED Camp? According to wikipedia, “An edcamp is a participant-driven conference – commonly referred to as an “unconference”. Edcamps are designed to provide participant-driven professional development… Continue Reading →

Educational Utopias?

GIF from A trend I have come to notice within some of the research we have looked at connected to education and the future of education is dialogue about systems and structures that will create the idealized personalized educational… Continue Reading →

A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay For this weeks post, I have simply decided to post the articles read this week along with a few quotes from each that piqued my interest, as well as notes and questions I made while… Continue Reading →

The Implications of Openness

For this post I wanted to flesh out some of the topics that caught my attention while reading and, that I would like to explore further in relation to some of my thoughts as well as ideas brought up in… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Theories and Practice in Online Learning

  GIF from @GIFY by @criswiegandt It was with great earnest that I began to survey the weeks reading’s, questing for the magical bean that would thereby only need to be planted to sprout into something of enormity that would transform the… Continue Reading →


I am a “Settler”. The first time I heard this concept of a “Settler”  was in class today when we had the privilege of listening to Dr. Shaueen Pete speak.  Thinking about my history, I rolled the word around in… Continue Reading →

Social Media as a Professional Learning Tool

Today we had the pleasure of two guest speakers who shared their experiences with using social media as a professional learning tool and as a way to connect with other educators. An avoider of many forms of social media, I… Continue Reading →

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