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December 2019

Reflecting on Theories and Practice in Online Learning

    It was with great earnest that I began to survey the weeks reading’s, questing for the magical bean that would thereby only need to be planted to sprout into something of enormity that would transform the landscape and… Continue Reading →

Openness: A philosophy

Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash “Open education is a philosophy about the way people should produce, share, and build on knowledge.” – What is Open Education? My post this week was inspired by the articles: Reflecting on the Impact of the Open Education… Continue Reading →

Into the past: Exploring open and distance learning

“Study the past if you would define the future.” ― Confucius This weeks research articles all contained historical aspects connected to open and e-learning; it makes sense to explore and understand the history of something before touching on the more current… Continue Reading →

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