Today we had the pleasure of two guest speakers who shared their experiences with using social media as a professional learning tool and as a way to connect with other educators. An avoider of many forms of social media, I recently resurrected my Twitter account and have decided to to do some of my own experimentation with using Twitter.

I am posting this as a means to create some accountability to myself as well as to reflect on my experiences using social media.

Week #1

I tackled the first hurdle, publishing my first tweet as an educator; my finger hovering over the tweet button, eyes closed as I stabbed blindly at the small blue bird icon. And just like that, I had entered into another realm. I was officially a tweeterer… Is that even a term?

Next step: Adding to my lists

First: hashtags

  1. #blendedlearning
  1. #engchat
  1. #onlinelearning
  1. #distributedlearning
  1. #edtech

Second: Twitter handles

  1. @blendedlearningnetwork
  2. @nelliemuller
  3. @insdpire
  4. @thinklangley
  5. @uconnect35

Third: Blog addresses




These were a lot harder to find, but I’ll be keeping my eye on my feed in hopes of finding more to follow…

Now to see how well this app works …