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month September 2019

Drip, Drip, Drop…..Models for Technology Integration (TPACK and SAMR)

My last post discussed best practices for teaching in the 21st century with a focus on the necessity of including technology. It seems natural that this would be followed with a now what?  And, yes that is exactly what this… Continue Reading →

To Tech or Not To Tech….Is that the Question?

  Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay The debate Many topics are debated within the education sphere; one that has been questioned for decades is connected to the use of technology in the classroom. Educators, parents, students and school districts all… Continue Reading →

Technology in Education: Blog post #1 ( EDCI 570/571)

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels Technology in Education Schooling has changed in many ways from the days when I attended school. I recall sitting in my desk, an island in a classroom of islands, paper and pencil in front of… Continue Reading →

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