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This week’s post will be short, for now.  After spending some time considering what to write about, I have decided to include some awesome things from this week,  as many weeks in my present history have not been so awesome. The inspiration for the use of the word awesome, is a book I have shared with my students, a book writen by Neil PasrichaI , called, “The Book of Awesome”

Awesome Thing #1:

Communicating with a student through Moodle messages and creating a plan to help them successfully pass term one of a course that they have been unable to achieve success with in the past. The same student completing the work and checking in to see if they needed to complete anything else. And finally, this student completing enough work to pass term one of the course!  AWESOME!

Awesome Thing #2

Persistently calling a family and finally having them reach out and as a result being able to offer and send them help for some of their needs. Receiving an e-mail from them with the comment, ” Your thoughtfulness and caring has brought me to tears”. This brought me to tears! So many people around the world are doing this kind of Awesome work right now. It is AWESOME!

Awesome Thing #3

Completely re-vamping our project so that we are now working on a, ” How to Support At home Learning with Digital Tools” project that will incorporate stories from the perspectives of teachers, parents and students. It’s going to be AWESOME!

Awesome Thing #4

In class this week we discussed privacy and security and ethics connected to using technology. This was just the conversation we needed as we had been talking about this with regards to our project. This gave us some ideas to build off of, consider and use. How AWESOME is that!

I have also include the reading and a connected blog post. I would like to get some of my students discussing some of the ethical challenges presented within these and plan to set up a forum for them to share their thoughts and respond to others ideas.

Regan, P., & Jesse, J. (2019). Ethical challenges of edtech, big data and personalized learning: Twenty-first century student sorting and tracking. Ethics and Information Technology, 21(3), 167-179. DOI: 10.1007/s10676-018-9492-2

Maciej Cegłowski An AWESOME Blog post!

Awesome Thing #5

Balloons. They have been a source of physical activity, science and art for my kids this week. AWESOME!

Awesome Thing #6

My family and friends are all healthy and safe. Truly AWESOME!


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  • Frankly, the privacy / security / ethics discussion around technology with students regarding the project sounds like an AWESOME co-teaching / co-learning opportunity. At the end of the day, students can and show their understanding by critiquing our example whilst we have “peer review” from a different context.

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