“Where Am I Now?” Final Blog Post

  The Introduction I recall a story I shared with my students, one you have probably heard before; of the blind men and the elephant. As the story goes, each man was touching one part of the animal and using what they felt to create an overall impression of the animal; this led to arguments. Read more about “Where Am I Now?” Final Blog Post[…]

Tell me a Story. 515 1a. week #3

“Wilmi en haar Wolfman” by Arnelle Woker is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Tell Me A Story. “Left hand driving is much safer than right hand. That’s scientifically proven” This excerpt from “Kitchen Stories”, written and produced by Bent Hamer and Jorgen Bergmak, and directed by Bent Hamer shares a tale of a research project Read more about Tell me a Story. 515 1a. week #3[…]

Research Methods 515: Assignment#2

Description of Action Research, A Qualitative study and An Examination of both with Respect to the Researcher, the Research, the Researched and the Reader. “Shenandoah River State Park”by vastateparksstaff is licensed under CC BY 2.0 “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both …” (R, Frost , Foundation, 2019) Read more about Research Methods 515: Assignment#2[…]

Knowledge is Power: “Scientia Est Potentia (1A:Week 2)

Reflection on the use of social media, video, animation, research methods and literature reviews through a discussion and analysis of, “Public comment sentiment on educational videos: Understanding the effects of presenter gender, video format, threading, and moderation on YouTube TED talk comments”. Veletsianos, G., Kimmons, R., Larsen, R., Dousay, T. A., & Lowenthal, P. R. Read more about Knowledge is Power: “Scientia Est Potentia (1A:Week 2)[…]

Writing to Extend Thinking

My past experiences with research methods focused primarily on one of two types: qualitative and quantitative. Curious to explore new ideas, it was with much interest that I read through two research articles that introduced me to a specific type of qualitative research (autoethnography) and to a research tool (the research diary). Both articles presented Read more about Writing to Extend Thinking[…]